Mr Hubbard’s marinated party sausages

These delicious cocktail sausages from my butcher, Mr Hubbard, are a Pigeon Cottage Christmas party favourite. I buy the basic chipolatas, cut the links and twist each one in the middle again so as to create two cocktail sized ones and then cut the link again. I usually do about 3 kilos of these so it takes a while but it’s worth it!


Once all the sausages are cut into cocktail sizes, I put an equal amount into three large freezer bags and then add the marinades described below to each one. I mix all the marinade ingredients thoroughly before putting them into each bag by the way. Seal the bag tightly and agitate the sausages in the marinade so each one is completely coated. I usually do this the night before and cook them on the day. I stand them upright in a large dish just in case of any spillage in the fridge and turn them a couple of times to make sure the marinade covers all the sausages. When I’m ready to cook them, I spread each type out in one layer in a shallow roasting tray and oven roast them for about 30 minutes at 200ºC. Each marinade adds a delicious extra flavour to the crispy skins. I serve them in different bowls on the cold buffet table – everyone loves them so they don’t last long!

These are my favourite marinades but it’s fun to experiment and make up your own mixtures

  • Marinade one: 1 dessert spoon of oil (light olive or rapeseed), 1 dessert spoons of dark soy sauce, 1 dessert spoon of Worcestershire sauce.
  • Marinade two: 1 dessert spoon of oil, 1 dessert spoon of runny honey, 1 dessert spoon of  readymade English mustard.
  • Marinade three: 1 dessert spoon of oil, 1 dessert spoon of brown ketchup (I use Stoke’s brown sauce),  1 dessert spoon of brown French mustard.

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