About me

JanetWHO AM I?

Welcome to the Pigeon Cottage Kitchen blog. I’m Janet Davies and I’m passionate about (some might say obsessed by) good food and wine. I live in the heart of the beautiful Suffolk countryside (actually at Pigeon Cottage) and I blog about food, travel and dining out just for fun really. I love cooking for my friends and family but especially for Nina, my always-hungry daughter. As for my day job, I work as a Communications & Marketing Director and Consultant, for a variety of well-known brands.


All the recipes I publish have actually been made in the kitchen at Pigeon Cottage and served to my family and friends. The majority of the recipes are my own but where I’ve followed someone else’s recipe, or been inspired by one in a book or magazine, I’ll always acknowledge the cook or author. I try my best to make the pictures look as nice as possible but I am usually literally about to serve it to hungry people and the light or the layout isn’t always Instagram-perfect. I promise you this, it will always taste fantastic!


You can find my Pigeon Cottage Kitchen photos, recipes, links and chat on all the main social media. I tweet as @pigeoncottage, post as Pigeon Cottage Kitchen on Pinterest and you can follow me on Instagram. Instagram, Facebook and Google+. To follow the blog and #TheFridayRecipe every week, just add your email address to the box in the top right-hand corner of the website if you’re using a laptop, or the bottom right if you’re using your mobile. If you follow me and my pages, you’ll get updates on all the new recipes, interesting food and fun foodie places I like enough to share. Don’t be shy though, come and have a chat with me too!


Whats4teaMum?I wrote our favourite family recipes one by one for my daughter Nina when she was away at uni and wanted to know how to cook up a little piece of home. Eventually, I got up to about 200 recipes and I published it as a paperback on amazon – it’s called  “Whats4teaMum?” Favourite recipes from the Pigeon Cottage Kitchen and if you’d like to buy a copy for just £6.99 just click here. Enjoy!

I’m working on my second book now all about cooking with vegetables.




1 Response to About me

  1. Fiona King says:

    Wow, love you blog. Great to see recipies I will actually use as I know they will always work, with no-fuss ingredients.

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