The ice cream, sorbet and gelati bible!

If you’re really serious about sorbet, ice cream and gelato making, this wonderful book by Caroline and Robin Weir really is the definitive bible on the subject. This is the book that inspired people like Heston Blumenthal and Delia Smith and, having made sorbet and ice cream recipes written by other chefs I love like Rick Stein, I can see that their influence is widespread.

Ice creams, sorbets & gelati - the definitive guideI bought it because I really wanted to understand the proper principles and chemistry behind iced dessert making so that I could begin to experiment myself and know that I wasn’t going to end up with a complete disaster.  The cover and production values are beautiful and it’s a joy to read and work with – worth every penny of the cover price! All the recipes are presented in American, metric and Imperial measures too so it’s great for cookery enthusiasts wherever they are in the world.

You’ll see on my copy below all the little coloured Post-it bookmarks sticking out of the top – all recipes that I’m going to be trying or adapting this summer. Treat yourself to a copy – you won’t regret it.
I also use a Magimix Le Glacier ice cream maker – I keep it in the bottom of my freezer so it’s always ready for action. It’s easy to clean and to use.

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