Pigeon Cottage Kitchen Recipe Index

Hello dear readers!

On quite possibly the rainiest, coldest August Bank Holiday I can remember, I’ve made soup for lunch and Pigeon Cottage Pie for supper. I was hoping for a BBQ and salad outdoors. Anyway, whilst watching The Godfather Trilogy, I’ve managed to do something useful that I’ve been meaning to do for ages – create a recipe index page for the blog!

So, if you want to find a recipe in a hurry or just to view the complete recipe list all in one go here is the link: Recipe Index Page. This will also make the blog easier to use on a mobile phone – when you bring up the blog on the internet just click on the top left hand side ‘Menu’ drop down and you’ll find the Recipe Index List all hyper-linked to the actual recipe.


Don’t forget too that you can also follow my food chatter on twitter @PigeonCottage, pictures on Instagram, my Pinterest boards and news on the Pigeon Cottage Kitchen Facebook page. You can also buy my e-cookerybook on amazon.co.uk for the princely sum of £3.58 – ‘Whats4teaMum?’ can be downloaded onto a Kindle, iPad or computer.

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