#tipoftheweek Twinings caramel redbush chai latte

IMG_3442I was feeling a bit miserable last week; full of cold, sniffles and shivers. I felt much better though having tried out this delicious ‘hug in a mug’ Caramel Redbush chai latte tea from Twinings.

I’ve seen these spiced teas before, and never really fancied them to be honest, but I’m a convert now. Naturally caffeine free, the red bush tea leaves are infused with a touch of caramel and a spice mix of ginger, cardamom and cinnamon. Steep the teabag in boiling water and then add hot, frothy milk for a soothing, warming drink with a touch of the exotic. It’s almost been worth having a cold for! Now I’m feeling better, I still have a cup about 4 o’clock when I fancy something to boost my blood sugar levels but I don’t want to be tempted to eat chocolate and other calorie laden sweet treats.

Price-wise, they’re £3.49 for 12 pyramids – in the premium ‘TeaPigs’ brand equivalent price range. There’s also a Bollywood and a Velvety Vanilla (my daughter’s favourite) chai latte option, as well as more traditional tea and herb blends – find out more here.

PS: If you’re ever wandering down The Strand in London, pop into the Twinings store. I used to work near there at one time and it’s well worth a visit. They stock tons of different teas that you rarely find on the shelves in your local supermarket and lots of real ‘tea head’ treats.

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