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Apricot and chocolate almond cake

When fresh apricots are in season, the pairing of almonds and chocolate in this delicious sponge dessert is simply perfect. Serve with creme fraÎche or vanilla ice cream on the side and/or a compote of fresh apricots baked in the oven … Continue reading

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Stone fruit yoghurt sundae

The real joy of late summer and early autumn cooking is waiting for the various berries and stone fruits to come into season. I just love plums, greengages and tangy fresh apricots (cooking apricots, rather than eating them raw, is … Continue reading

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Apricot and almond crumble

I have a pretty big collection of cookery books, most of which have really beautiful pictures of finished dishes in them, often in settings that evoke the feelings of a season or a location that inspired them. We eat with … Continue reading

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