Four easy ways to find more food and drink inspiration!

If you follow the Pigeon Cottage Kitchen blog you’re probably (a) interested in making or eating delicious food or perhaps (b) in some way related to me and I guilt-tripped you into following me!

Anyway, I’ve been doing a bit of spring clean on my social media accounts and I thought I’d let you know how each one helps you to get even more great ideas for recipes, places to eat out, new ingredients and cookbooks to try, or cookery programmes to watch. Each one has slightly different ‘foodie inspiration’ qualities, so please feel free to add, follow, share or like any or all of these accounts to your own. It’s free and really easy to set up your own accounts if you don’t already have them by the way.

Pinterest PCKPinterest calls itself the world’s gallery of ideas and so it is! I use it to find inspiration for everything from craft ideas and interiors to die for, to mouthwatering recipe pics and links. You can follow my Pigeon Cottage Kitchen picture boards on great bakes, healthy eating, salads and delicious desserts here. Be warned, once you start, it’s totally addictive!


@pigeoncottage.comTwitter is a 24/7 stream of global news on all manner of topics throughout the world – celebrities, politics, issues and events. It can be quite overwhelming but if you follow @pigeoncottage you’ll get a pretty carefully curated stream of news about foodie events, places to eat and alerts on recipes and new cookery books.


PCK Facebook page

‘Like’ the Pigeon Cottage Kitchen Facebook page and you’ll get notifications of all the recipe alerts and foodie news articles I post.






PCK instagramFollow Pigeon Cottage Kitchen on Instagram and you’ll not only see my gallery of images but you can also peek at the lists of accounts I follow to see whose foodie pics I love – Frances Quinn, former Bake-Off winner and creative genius, Nigella, Jamie and Ottolenghi all have beautiful and inspiring Instagram pages.


Share, follow, like and, most of all, ENJOY!

About Janet Davies @pigeoncottage

Food lover, author, cook!
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