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Pea, bean and cucumber salad

This week’s #TheFridayRecipe is a cross between a salad and a vegetable side dish which goes particularly well with fish like pan fried cod, hake or salmon. The cucumber and beans deliver crunch and the peas, sweetness – all in … Continue reading

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Bengali roasted vegetable medley

Before Covid and numerous lockdowns changed life as we knew it, we were due to take a weekend break in Liverpool where we had hoped to book into one of the Mowgli Street Food restaurants. Well, obviously, that never happened … Continue reading

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Creamy pea and ham pasta

When I go home to Boston, I always pop into our family’s favourite butcher’s shop, Carl Dunham’s on the London Road, and stock up on Lincolnshire delicacies such as chine (pork stuffed with parsley and spices), haslet (a kind of … Continue reading

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