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Pork vindalho

The Portuguese-Indian colony of Goa was the birthplace of the vindaloo or vindahlo curry. It has a slightly bad rep in this country where dishes bearing this name are all about super-spicy chilli heat but the real thing is finer, full … Continue reading

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Raan Masaledar

This tender leg of lamb, slowly oven-baked in a self-saucing yoghurt and spice marinade, tastes absolutely sublime and is a complete doddle to cook. It’s a fantastic dinner party dish that will get you lots of brownie points : ). … Continue reading

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Red plum, lime and coriander chutney

I’m not much of a jam maker but I do LOVE a home made chutney or pickle. They always beat a commercially made version hands down. The sticky thickness and deep flavour has to come from gentle, slow reduction, not … Continue reading

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#Meatfreeweek aubergine curry

Much to my amusement, I discovered that not only was it #Meatfreeweek¬†this week but also #NationalButchersweek. Deliberate counter-campaign, coincidence, ¬†sweet irony or bad planning? Anyway, I publish so many meat-based posts that I thought I’d share my all-time favourite vegetarian … Continue reading

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