#WeLikeWine – Pouilly-Fumé Les Chaumes 2013

Pouilly-FuméThe Loire Valley is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in France, and I have many fond memories of touring holidays in that region over the years. So, when I came to choose my wine for the #WelikeWine review this month, I simply couldn’t resist this 2013 Les Chaumes Pouilly-Fumé.

Before the bottle is even opened, I’m having happy thoughts of sunny afternoons, riverside cafés and a good lunch! The vineyard of Pouilly-sur-Loire is located in Nièvre, in the middle of France and Pouilly-Fumé has been an Appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC) since 1937; it’s a dry white wine made purely from sauvignon blanc grapes. When these grapes are ready to be harvested, the grapes are coated with a grey, smoky coloured bloom that also contributes to the renowned ‘gun flint aroma’ typical of the Pouilly vineyards. In the glass, this is a crisp, grapefruity wine that gets better with every sip. You’ll want to savour every sip too, this is not one of those ‘glug it down’ white wines. It’s light with the kind of creamy finish I love in a good Champagne; perfect served with shellfish and this lobster salad with chive dressing.


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2 Responses to #WeLikeWine – Pouilly-Fumé Les Chaumes 2013

  1. Paul Moynagh says:

    Les Chaumes Pouilly-Fume 2013 is a wine I too have much enjoyed. I bought a case ? last year from Berry Bros, but they don’t seem to have it now. I would love to buy some more but I cannot find anywhere in UK where sold now. Where did you get yours?

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